For employers of all sizes, offering comprehensive, but affordable, core benefits is a top priority. A strong health plan not only assists employers in retaining their employee population, but also helps in the recruitment of employees in an ever-tightening job market.

Robinson Benefits helps you meet these divergent objectives. We’ll make recommendations to help you optimize your plan offerings while remaining competitive and reducing overall plan costs.

Most of our large and mid-market clients enjoy the flexibility of self-funding or level funding and take advantage of our expertise of this complex arrangement. Trying to work through the maze of intricacies that make self-funding solutions work requires a vast and technical knowledge of health care financing and the third party administrators that bring innovative products to the market.

Small Employers welcome the ease of fully insured plans we offer through the top rated carriers. It takes constant dedication to keep up with the newest health care reform regulations as well as those imposed by the individual carriers. By staying up to date, we are able to offer our small employer clients more options than ever before. These options range from continuing on a pre ACA plan, if possible, switching to an ACA plan on a tier or community rating, and evaluating a Level Funding option. The every changing Health Care Reform has brought about many opportunities for employers to take advantage of various avenues as well as savings.

Let us go to work for you!